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Zachary Peel-McGregor is an award-winning Director of Photography and Camera Operator based in Los Angeles, USA.


After a number of years working as an Assistant Cameraman on scores of television commercials and many high profile films such as The Great Gatsby; Mad Max - Fury Road; The Wolverine; The Shallows and Alien Covenant, Zachary is now shooting independent films, music videos and commercials as a Cinematographer. 

To date, Zachary has shot over thirty films with many of them being screened at Academy Accredited film festivals, winning multiple awards and nominations. 

He is currently attached to do principle photography on a mind-bending psychological horror titled Storm.


 Ones eyes are what separates us as artists, how we view the world and choose to tell stories is what makes us the right or wrong choice for a director. This is an attribute, which is innate and personal to you - it can never be taught to anyone else.​​


                                        -- Zachary Peel-McGregor



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