Music Video for the David Lynch Foundation

April 22, 2015

Lyrics: David Lynch

Music: Angelo Badalamenti

Performed by: Kid Moxie


"Mysteries of Love" - a music video I shot in 2015 in the United States.


The haunting theme of David Lynch’s intense 1986 mystery-thriller “Blue Velvet” has been reworked by Angelo Badalamenti with a full orchestra and the vocals of Kid Moxie. The original 1980s version of the ballad launched Badalamenti’s collaborative relationship with Lynch, creating what would become the director’s signature musical sound. Badalamenti has gone on to compose the distinctive soundtrack for every David Lynch film since “Blue Velvet”. The original Mysteries of Love score, featuring Badalamenti’s familiar synthesized orchestral music accompanying the entrancing vocals of Julee Cruise, remains a favorite among die-hard Lynch fans.  Premiering at David Lynch Foundation's “The Music of David Lynch” April 1st, 2015 concert at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, this was the only music video chosen by Lynch for inclusion in this epic tribute event.



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