Zachary Peel-McGregor is an award-winning professional Director of Photography and Camera Operator. 


After a number of years working as an Assistant Cameraman on scores of television commercials and many high profile films such as The Great Gatsby; Mad Max - Fury Road; The Wolverine; The Shallows and Alien Covenant, Zachary is now shooting independent films, music videos and commercials as a Cinematographer. 

In May 2015, Zachary was awarded Best Cinematographer at the European Cinematography Awards (ECA) in Poland and he was presented with Best Cinematography Award at Festicini International Independent Film Festival in South America for his work on a short drama MilkmaidLater that year, he was approached to shoot a music video for Kid Moxie’s cover of the Blue Velvet theme song Mysteries of Love - music by Angelo Badalamenti and lyrics by David Lynch. The video premiered in Los Angeles at the David Lynch Foundation benefit concert, playing alongside Moby and Duran Duran

In 2016, Zachary was the recipient of the Global Cinematographers Institute Founder’s Award by Yuri Neyman and Vilmos Zsigmond (The Deer Hunter; The Black Dahlia; McCabe & Mrs. Miller; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Deliverance) and received a grant to attend an intensive course at the Global Cinematographers Institute (GCI) in Los Angeles, where he was mentored by world renowned cinematographers Dean Semler (Apocalypto; Dances with Wolves; Mad Max 2) and Dante Spinotti (L.A. Confidential; The Last of the Mohicans; X-Men). This course was one which solidified Zachary’s training but also left him with an indelible lesson:


                                                                                                          ‘Ones eyes are what separates us as artists,

                                                        how we view the world and choose to tell stories is what makes us the right or wrong choice for a director.

                                                                This is an attribute, which is innate and personal to you - it can never be taught to anyone else’.

In 2017, Zachary shot a thirty minute fantasy film titled Last Tree Standing, which had its world premiere at SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival (regarded as the number one fantasy film festival in the world) playing in Official Fantastic Selection as well as being in consideration for the 2020 OSCARS® Short Film Awards.

For his work on the film, Zachary was honoured in receiving a Silver at the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) Awards during the 2017 NSW & ACT State Awards for Cinematography. In October 2018, he was awarded Best Cinematographer at the European Cinematography Awards (ECA) in Netherlands and that same year he received an Award of Achievement for Cinematography from the Iowa Motion Picture Association (IMPA) in the United States. 

Zachary has now shot nearly thirty short films with many of them being screened at Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences accredited film festivals. 

In 2019, he completed principal photography on three feature films - a drama titled Streets of Colour (which deals with a crisis of self-identity inflicted by racism) and  two documentaries The Healing (a story about broken horses and broken people helping each other heal) and Luku Ngarra (which examines Christianity's influence on Indigenous cultures around the world).

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